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The modeling of  geodynamic  processes  necessarily  implies a  non-linear approach of the
Geo-Astrophysical interaction, the study of scale dependency of phenomena,  as  well  as
the study of the neg-entropic processes
 – which have been induced by the evolution of the
Living- influence on the inorganic medium

On a planetary scale the geostasis is generated by the multiple interactions between the
living and the geophysical medium,
 interactions  which  confer a unitary  behavior to the
ensemble (
the GAIA model), of a new quality, which needs to be studied in a special
ontological frame, based on the triad

The human being is an “
arhem” with a structured access in Reality through intro-opening  
Drăgănescu model, quantum interactions)  and  with  a  dominant  role  in  assuring  a
sustainable development
The Science of the Entire Earth starts from the following postulates:
Arhem: quasi-system made out of structural and phenomenological elements, which possess the property of
consciousness. Belongs to the class of intro-open systems. Reality with an architecture which is not only limited
to the system.
Intro-Opening: Drăgănescu defines intro-opening as “the access to info-matter of certain physical structures
from the Universe, thus, through this becoming living organisms.” (Academician Mihai Drăgănescu)